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This site reviews our management of the CoVid (corona virus) pandemic and the decisions we have made in dealing with the disease pandemic.

Our editorial team looks at the structure and the function of the coronavirus that make it such a successful killing machine. We look at people management strategies in the real world. Intensive care units (ICUs) may be the most talked about approach to dealing with the virus, but the main game is to stop people needing ICU treatment.

The virus as we have seen from discussions of its structure is a very fragile beast – spread by respiratory mechanisms. Contact is a rare method of spread. The virus survives running short times on surfaces and certainly not in conditions of ambient UV (outdoors), such as may exist on beaches. Low humidity rather than absolute temperature is also likely to be an important killing mechanism.

It is the throat colonisation that leads to a river of viral particles being swallowed and infecting the gastrointestinal tract of its victims. For a lone viral particle on a hand contaminating food to fight its way through a mountain of food particles to with one last gasp grab onto an epithelial cell of the throat initiating an infection, is a scenario that probably best belongs in Science Fiction rather than in reality. Seeing idiots wander around sterilising the great outdoors is entertaining but not likely to be useful.

 Septicaemia due to tissue membrane breakdown can be targeted by simple means.

The history of treatment of cholera gives a similar example of how simple knowledge facilitates a path to a cheap reliable and safe cure. No one would treat cholera infections predominately with IV fluids today. And the key piece of knowledge that changed this mode of therapy. It is the simple realisation that the mechanisms of fluid absorption and fluid loss are separate and independent. You cannot stop the fluid loss of cholera, but all you need to do to replace the fluid is simply give people slightly salty and sugary fluid to drink to replace their losses. In effect creating a scenario where thousands of dollars of IV fluid with complex sterilisation requirements is replaced with a couple of dollars of salt and sugar, available in almost any kitchen on the planet.

The CoVid pandemic has social consequences and economic consequences and health consequences.

The waysayers and health experts have conveniently forgotten that people die every day. Take a country’s population and divide by 1000 – and you have the monthly death rate for an average life expectancy of 80 years. Australia's 25 million population would be expected to deliver a death rate of approximately 25,000 deaths per month. America’s (USA’s) 330 million population would be expected to give 330,000 deaths per month – that’s a little over 10,000 deaths per day.

Remember that at a death rate of 10,000 per day, it would take 80 years to run out of Americans. Any decision we make in managing the virus needs to take cognizance of this simple fact.

I think the statistics say that  162,000 Americans have died from this infection, the last time I looked.  (August 2020). That’s about 2 weeks of normal deaths.



The cost of stupidity is:

## Social: people losing relationships – people parked in stasis and isolating- people not building lives and families.

## Economic: In business, I remember a friend telling me that a week off work( eg on holiday)  would cost  $10,000 and take a month of work to break even again. We have been putting people out of work for at least 12 weeks and may even reach 24 weeks. The economic costs will be there for years. And the country’s economy is critical to its lifeblood. With a crippled economy, a country can become almost too weak to defend itself – in this case due to its self-inflicted poverty.

## Health : People get sick and die.
Health is not the only factor important in deciding to manage the pandemic.

This decision is one to which rich Western countries are particularly susceptible. Perhaps the post-cold war world – will create new winners and losers.

We talk about alternate control strategies for CoVid and potential new treatments. Unfortunately too many of those in authority have little idea about health issues and once the restrictions/lock ins begin – lose the political power to make decisions. The media intent on sensation to increase viewership, essentially usurps the role of judge and jury, intent on replacing hard common-sense decisions with sensationalist popular decisions that sell media exposure.

The inescapable conclusion. Trump was right.








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